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Intelleqt Consulting

Risk help when you need it

So what do we do?

We work with you to do 2 things:


1. Bring senior real-world expertise to help you validate or deepen your understanding of material non-financial business risk issues

2. Develop and guide implementation of meaningful, sustainable, and cost effective business solutions to address risk-based challenges 

What do others say about us?

"We chose Intelleqt to lead a material business remediation program because of their high quality, seasoned professionals. The four person team developed, led and successfully delivered a complex piece of work, on time and to budget. Their engagement with board, executive and other stakeholders was pragmatic, effective, and clearly focused on helping us achieve the desired outcome for our customers and they were great to work with. I strongly recommend Sean and the team as an alternative. Getting the 'A’ team at a reasonable rate worked for us." Paul Lewis, CEO Great Southern Bank

"Sean is one of the most productive people I've worked with. His depth of knowledge on topics such as risk management allows him to build all of his work on solid foundations. I was often amazed at how quickly he could develop an appropriate and robust solution to an urgent problem." David Pethick, Head of Corporate & Institutional Sales, Origin Energy

"Sean is a very effective and practical leader in risk management. He can help organisations understand, design and build valuable and fit-for purpose risk management frameworks that are needed to help organisations survive and thrive. His consulting and legal background, and practical understanding of risk and compliance management, was consistently evident during the period that I worked with him. In particular the outcome he delivered in the AML/CLF compliance area was excellent. What I like about Sean is that he calls the issues as he sees them. He lives the mantra “Good news is bad news told early” which makes his skill in the risk area invaluable. Sean is highly motivated, passionate and driven with outstanding personal values." John Nesbitt, NED & Former CEO Suncorp Bank

I am Chair of a significant family office. We used Intelleqt to test our risk assessment and reporting framework. I found their process thorough and challenging and the reporting model they designed and built a very  effective tool to summarise outstanding risk areas, mitigation tactics and trends. I know all my Board think the same!" Simon Jones, Chair Trawalla Group/Computershare

Sean took on leadership of our AML/CTF capability uplift, and with direct oversight of the board over 18 months successfully
transformed our bank’s policies, processes, systems and data to meet our expectations. I would highly recommend Sean to any organisation needing to uplift AML capability – or non non-financial risk management generally." Justine Milne, NED ME Bank, Tabcorp

"Sean has been a key adviser, providing extremely creative solutions to a range of risk management problems. He is easy to work with, has a wealth of real world experience and is always willing to get stuck into any difficult problem. I've regularly hired Sean and would recommend him to anyone wanting a creative, pragmatic and energetic risk adviser." Scott Farquharson, Head of Risk, Australia Post 

"I can’t recommend Sean highly enough for anyone wanting to design and implement an empowering, end to end non financial risk
capability in their organisation. We engaged Sean to design and then lead a ‘root and branch’ risk transformation program which
materially transformed our capability and received regulatory approval in the process. An intelligent and diligent contributi on, which was
consistently endorsed by the board and delivered fundamental changes to the way we operate. Thank you Sean." Carlo Cataldo, CRO

"Sean is a seasoned risk executive, bringing a unique combination of deep insights in risk strategy & governance and operational risk with a pragmatic approach to complex problems. Keeping the end goal in sight he is able to engage with a myriad of stakeholders and unite them behind a common objective. He is very hard-working, easy to get on with and a good person to drive projects." Philippe Herschke, Senior Lead, Accenture 

"Sean is one of those rare individuals with real energy and drive to bring about change in an organisation, yet brings people along with him. He earns respect through his actions and builds committed, loyal teams. He's smart and capable and brings his intelligence, understanding and different perspectives to his work." Ian McDermott, Law Partner

Verified testimonials available on request

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"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions" Stephen R. Covey

Risk is all about the distribution of possible outcomes, none of them certain. The best chance at getting the best outcome comes from making the best possible decision at the time it is needed using the best inputs your risk management and decision quality systems can provide.


When those outcomes aren't so great - for whatever reason - we help you validate and understand the things that matter most and work with you to get back on track or resolve quickly. That is what Intelleqt Consulting is all about.


A group of seasoned business and risk executives

With former CEO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, Big 4 Risk Partners and GM’s this seasoned group of experienced practitioners is the perfect group of talented individuals to help you with your specific business and risk challenge

Want to work only with chosen clients on interesting challenges

Without the constraints of a corporate model we can pursue our passion to work only with chosen clients on challenges that we enjoy and excel at. Seeing businesses thrive with our help is a large part of our reward

Share decades of knowledge, skill and experience directly with willing clients

With hundreds of collective years of corporate and consulting business and risk experience, enhanced by an energetic focus on emerging trends and opportunities, this hand-picked team, provides big 4 partner quality with exceptional value and client focus

Our firm
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